• 1 - Applications for access to ZI that will make are only valid for the Leixões e Viana do Castelo Ports;

  • 2 - Apart from this registration (required) and you want to apply for permission to enter the ZI of several national ports should send application to the border post of Head of SEF, indicating: full name, nationality, document, document number, where you want to access ports , employer and purpose of the request, as well as a copy of the document (s);

  • 3 - If person(s) already is(are) holder(s) of a ZI access permit issued by the SEF and valid for various domestic ports (including Leixões e Viana do Castelo) should indicate the note: this fact and limit the validity request the CUP to the authorization that it holds;

  • 4 - A(s) person(s) that meets in the previous paragraph, shall be exempt from tax;

  • 5 - Access can be granted for daily, monthly or annual periods, that at which it will be charged, respectively, to € 5.70, € 11.20 and € 22.20, upgradeable annually.

  • 6 - Applications that include person (s) does not exempt (s) will be subject to the rates indicated above, which will be charged by APDL or by the operator of the port facility, within the framework of agreements between the SEF, APDL and the operating entity of port facility.

  • 7 - The period of access o each person will be limited to the expiration date of the identification document used if it expires first that the end of the requested period, just resolving the pending situation, in order for the access authorization to be valid again.
Applicable law (see, No.2 and 4 of Article 8 of Law 23/2007, of 04JUL (as amended by Law 29/2012, of 09AGO) in conjunction with the requirements established in paragraphs 1 and 2 of Article 3 the Decree 84/2007, of 05NOV, in accordance with the provisions of Point II, paragraph b) of Annex to Executive Order 1334-E / 2010, of 31DEZ (automatically updated values, in accordance with Article 2 of the same Ordinance). Failure to comply is punishable under Article 193 of Law 23/2007, of 04JUL (as amended by Law 29/2012, of 09AGO).